Cressy service coverage map


Cressy Marketing, founded in 1986 by Raymond and Mary Lou Cressy, was formed to meet the need for better product sales representation in the Marine and RV industries. This need was manifested through the difficulties encountered by manufacturers in trying to bring their products to market. Today Cressy Marketing, through its growth, has helped these companies gain a larger market share in their respective markets.

Centrally located in Mishawaka, Indiana, Cressy Marketing’s territory includes the states of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, Kentucky, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Cressy Marketing covers these states actively and very effectively by equipping the sales team with mobile phones, making personal sales calls, use of our mobile showroom, maintaining an office staff to answer the 800 phone number, and providing regular access to e-mail communication. Office hours are maintained from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. There is always a knowledgeable staff person responding to the customer.

A full time office staff allows both customers and principals to have access to information needed for their respective decisions. The Cressy Marketing infrastructure is well developed.

Maintaining a complete list of the OEM manufacturers and distributors, Cressy Marketing knows who the decision makers are and when the new opportunities are being developed. Sales calls are done by procedures and a customized software system documents sales call reports to the office computer network. This information then becomes available to everyone in the office. During the sales call, each product line is presented so that no opportunity is missed. This computerized sales call reporting system empowers the salesperson to track inquiries, quotations, samples, committee decisions and sales.

Cressy Marketing targets the customers and accounts that are important. The necessary intelligence needed to complete the sale is gathered. Customers receive personalized, immediate service in the truest sense. The principals represented by Cressy Marketing are solid and aggressive. Cressy Marketing is in front of the customer with its presentation each time there is a newly developed product or process, as well as follow-up calls, troubleshooting, and prototyping.